About us

About us

Lopatao is formed by professional graphic designers who are engaged with discipline and their environment with the purpose of creating a successful, intelligent and responsible communication.

We have great experience in web design, mobile apps and several digital formats. We have also developed trademarks, logos and complex systems of corporate identity and thus created several applications and communication tools based on specific needs. Extending the graphic design field, we got involved in the inner publishing design circle and in the development of printed communication which includes brochures, leaflets, posters, among others.

lopatao considers design an open discipline, a discipline of expression, for the purpose of enlarging our personal and group experience, where, from a particular point of view, our partners also collaborate. Photographers, illustrators, architects, software developers, technicians, writers and journalists provide this group with particular flavours for the furtherance of our project. Without aiming at philosophizing or giving deep explanations – for the moment – we propose the meaning of gestalt graphic design, where the parties act to meet a common purpose: > Communication. 

Gabriel M. Lopatin

I’m a Graphic Designer graduated at the University of Buenos Aires, where i also taught Design for 5 years.
I started Lopatao Design Studio in 2004, after a period of five years working for other agency, and kept this space always open and active since then. 
I’ve been working at OLX for along 9 years, where i became Design Manager, coordinating a variety of teams along Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Cape Town and New Delhi, that were mainly focused in Web design and development and App design, but also in Corporate Identity and Marketing. 
Besides OLX, I collaborated in other start-ups such as Educaedu, RedGuru and Letgo.
In 2007 I co-found Onaire with other four great designers, aiming to develop social communication, involving people, history, culture, art and expression. 


Bárbara L. Pinco

I’m a Graphic Designer graduated at the University of Buenos Aires.

I’ve been working on digital environment for more than 15 years, being closely up to date through the innovation of technology. I worked at DigBang! during 4 years as a Graphic/Web Designer, and in 2007 I joined Lopatao as Art Director.

I’m involved with illustration since a long time, activity that presents new challenges and triggers my creativity.